Volunteer At RPG Research

Apply to be an RPG Research Role-Playing Game Center Volunteer Today!

  • All volunteers must pass a thorough background check.

  • We provide extensive free initial and ongoing training for the right candidates.

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Our volunteers make a huge difference improving the quality of life for the lives of the individuals we serve, and a real positive impact on the neighborhoods.

A number of people ask why anyone would volunteer without pay in general, or why they would volunteer at RPG Research.

Why Volunteer at RPG Research's Role-Playing Game Community Center?

This section provides a list of common reasons given by our volunteers. 

  • Working for free is typical for non-profit volunteer-run 501(c)3 charities like RPG Research.

  • People volunteer to help RPG Research in achieving our Mission and Vision for a variety of reasons.

  • Experienced professionals, with a few hour per week to spare, that believe in what we are doing as a 501(c)3 non-profit, and want to help us by providing their established skills during their free time.

  • Students, interns, and others wishing to develop their experience, skills, and resume volunteering as they work toward professional goals.

  • People who wish to become RPG Professionals and are trying to get more training and real-world experience under supervision find RPG Research RPG Training for free beneficial, in return for their volunteering to help with our community programs.

  • Retirees and others who want to help do good for others.

  • They are passionate about what we do with role-playing games and are glad to join with fellow enthusiasts and happy to have the privilege to participate in such a great community doing what they love.