RPG Research is a 501(c)3 non-profit research and human services charitable organization.

We are 100% volunteer-run.
We have been directly involved with role-playing games (RPGs) since the 1970s.
With your generous support we have opened a new RPG Community Center to provide in-person cooperative social tabletop role-playing games for community teens and adults.

Every dollar you donate to RPG Research directly benefits at least 3 people. Donate today!

Donate to RPG Research's Role-playing Game Research and Community Center today. Help us cover our rent, utilities, insurance, and operating expenses, and we'll do the rest. We are 100% volunteer run, meaning we keep our administrative costs to the bare minimum and your donations really have a direct impact on helping us provide our programs that directly benefit the communities and people we serve.

Role-Playing Game Community Center

We have opened the RPG Community Center to provide a friendly, safe, and comfortable environment especially dedicated to role-playing gaming and gamers. Located at 101 North Stone Street, in East Central Spokane, just one block north of Sprague street. See our Schedule for the times we are open so you can Drop In and RPG!

Role-Playing Game Community Center

About RPG (Role-Playing Game) Research

We are a 100% volunteer-run non-profit 501(c) charitable research and human services organization based in Spokane, Washington, USA. We have been directly involved with role-playing games (RPGs) since the 1970s. We are opening a new RPG Community Center to provide in-person tabletop role-playing game community programs for teens and adults. Our volunteers receive world-class extensive training as facilitators and game masters / dungeon masters, and all of our volunteer staff undergo rigorous regular background checks and ongoing training.

RPG Research Volunteers running community role-playing game program at Spark Central, as features in the Inlander Magazine.

Tabletop Role-playing games (TRPG) we offer include:

  • Dungeons & Dragons (D&D)
  • Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game (d20) (BFRPG)
  • Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space (DWAITS)
  • No Thank You Evil (NTYE)
  • Adventures in Middle-earth (AiMe)
  • The One Ring RPG (TOR) 2nd Edition
  • Star Trek Adventures
  • and others!
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