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Interested in having the RPG Mobile come to you?

The Wheelchair Accessible RPG Bus and 2 RPG Trailers (collectively known as the "RPG Mobile" or RPG fleet) are personally owned by RPG Research's founder Hawke Robinson. He acquired them at substantial personal financial burden to bring his vision of mobile accessible facilities to life.

He donates their free use to RPG Research (and others) whenever feasible.

They are available for use across the continental US during annual tours and for special arrangements.

To date we have not tried to take them into Canada, Mexico, or other countries, and do not know what the regulations are for such vehicles and their use in those countries. Though we would love to have the funding to find out!

They are also generally potentially available throughout the Northwest USA (WA, ID, MT, OR), depending on program schedules, each month.

Generally RPG Research does not have enough funding from donations to cover the transportation costs, so most of the time Hawke Robinson has either covered the travel costs personally for RPG Research programs, or when he uses them in conjunction with paying events or clients through RPG Therapeutics LLC, which includes speaking engagements at conferences/conventions, training workshops, and program contracts with various organizations and facilities. Recently we have sometimes had sufficient donations to cover the gas money for the RPG Mobile to support RPG Research programs locally and across the US.

Due to requests from many families, the RPG Mobile is available for a wide range of uses. See RPG.LLC for details on the variety of programs available beyond RPG Research's core community and research programs.

For RPG Research programs using the RPG Mobile, you can get further information by contacting info at rpgresearch dot com, calling US Toll-free (833) RPG-INFO (774-4636), or direct phone/text (509) 608-7630.

For all other uses of the RPG Mobile (including parties, retreats, therapy programs, etc.), you can get further information by emailing info at rpgtherapy dot com, calling US Toll-free (833) RPG-PROS, or direct phone/text (509) 608-6441 for specifics.

History of the RPG Mobile Accessible Fleet, Founding & Progression.

(details pending)

The seeds leading to the research.

(details pending)

The challenges with Game stores

(details pending)

The challenges with Libraries

(details pending)

The challenges with Schools

(details pending)

The challenges with Community Centers

(details pending)

The challenges with hospitals

(details pending)

The challenges with rehabilitation centers

(details pending)

The challenges with the VA

(details pending)

The challenges at long-term care and senior care centers

(details pending)

The challenges specifically at Saint Luke's Rehabilitation Center

This was the location that finally lead to the creation of the Wheelchair Accessible RPG Bus and RPG Trailers.

(details pending)

The challenges with being on the road (expensive) (hotels)

(details pending)

Raising Awareness through very visible physical symbol

(details pending)

The Solution: Accessible Mobile Facilities

(details pending)

The challenges with RVs

(details pending)

The challenges with car haulers

(details pending)

The challenges with mobile office/contractor units

(details pending)

The challenges with lifts (versus ramps)

(details pending)

The challenges with ramps (but best option for groups)

(details pending)

The Solution: Customized Toy Hauler RV Trailer

(details pending)

The Search

(details pending)

The WA state challenge with perfect custom-built Trailer (donate!)

(details pending)

Early design diagrams, mockups, and computer models

(details pending)

The first RPG Trailer - destroyed by thieves/vandals

Superlite 2007 - Was asking $30,000 but owner, due to purpose I was buying for, sold to me at just $13,000!

Unfortunately while it was on the lot getting cleaned up and prepared (they needed about 2 weeks for it to be ready for me), someone came on to the Clickit RV lot and stole the wiring and metal out of the trailer, ruining it. Clickit refunded all my money, but it meant after 2+ years of searching I had to start over searching for the right match. It would be 4 years before I would find another like it!

The second RPG Trailer - Expensive, but learned significant learning benefits from the process.

After several months of searching, and realizing the custom build option was going to lead to 1 to 2 years of delay due to Washington state bureaucratic red tape, I made the mistake of settling on a newer trailer that was very expensive, around $50,000 USD.  The up side is I began to learn the whole RV trailer life and all of the additional improvements that need to be made for a more ideal trailer. The down side is that 4 years later I am only halfway finished paying it down (still owe about $24,000 as of 2020).

The RPG Bus - Pros and Cons of Bus versus Trailer

Limited space (width)

Lift is much slower than ramp

Too tall for ramp

We have found out the hard way that most insurance companies won't insure the bus at all, and the few that will charge an exhorbitant premium that is 10-20 times more expensive than trailer (over $3,000 USD per year just for liability (not full coverage)!

Can run into drivers license issues if not careful

After a couple of years of use, now know that better to have an SUV or pickup truck pulling a trailer than to have a bus or RV camper vehicles due to insurance and other challenges. Trailer model is most affordable model.

The third RPG Trailer - Almost There!

2008 Octane

In wonderful condition. Bought on consignment. Clickit RV sold to me for just a little over $11,000 USD!

After 4 years of searching finally found another trailer that was closer to ideal. Lower ride height for less steep ramp, larger and flatter garage area for the activity space. Comes with built in quiet run generator, etc.

The only things that would make it closer to the ideal trailer (see donation options) are:

  • Slideouts on each side to make wider to allow more people in wheelchairs.

  • Hydraulic lift system to lower and raise the ride height as needed to make ramp even less steep, but raise up on the road, and even higher when in offroad/dirtroad locations to prevent dragging on the ground and runing stabilizers

  • Automated stabilizers

  • Automated levels

  • Automated tongue jack

  • Wheelchair accessible bathroom doorway

  • Wheelchair accessible roll-in shower.

The rest of the checklist this trailer meets though, so it is the closest we have come without the custom built trailer.  We still hope some day to have the funding to build the ideal perfect trailer with all of the features to make it the most comfortable, accessible, and welcoming mobile facilities ever!

Building the Ideal "Perfect" Accessible RPG Trailer (Donate to help build!)

(details pending)

Donate https://gofundme.com/rpgtrailer