While RP.LLC and other organizations offer certifications, RPG Research provides training confirmation documents and program diplomas.

The training confirmation documents are typically for our short workshops, and are just "Proof of Training" documents.

The Diplomas are much more involved, including many hours of training, practica, peer-reviewed and supervised application, papers, quizzes, and final exam. As we are a research and evidence-in-practice driven open science organization, this is an ever-evolving process.

We offer training workshop certificates and full training diplomas in a number of areas, generally with increasing levels of complexity, with Level 1 the most basic introductory starter level, and then each higher number an building on the previous learning.

Example of one of our (many) basic workshop certificate of training completion (not diploma program):

We provide our volunteers with free training to help us accomplish our Mission and Vision research and community goals. We also occasionally provide for-pay/donation workshops to the public on specific topics as fundraisers for our non-profit organization to pay the bills.

Currently our most well defined and developed diploma is for the Role-playing Game Professional Game Master Level 1 Volunteer Trainee program as outlined here:

  1. https://rpgresearch.com/rpg-trainee-1
  2. Accredited version of this training are available at RPG Therapeutics LLC and other organizations, but they typically cost between $10,000 to $30,000+ USD for the complete certification programs (though an increasing number of shorter, less deep and wide, training certificates and individual CEU credits are available in the $99-$5000 USD range.

We have training in many other areas as Facilitators, Advocates, Player Archetype Specialists, and more. This page will be updated in the future, for now you can reference some older drafts outlining some of the areas of study and training here:

  1. https://rpgresearch.com/learning-pathways

Because we are constantly leading the body of knowledge with the latest research and evidence-in-practice, our programs are typically many years ahead of any other offerings (in some cases we estimate our programs are 20+ years ahead of others), but do to this iterative innovation approach, currently RPG Research does not offer Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or any kind of accredited body certification for our coursework. This may change in the future.

If you are looking for similar training, but potentially with CEUs and/or other accreditation, see RPG Therapeutics LLC's website (among other organizations) for such options.