Drop In and Play / RPG

"Drop In and RPG" open role-playing game sessions through Spark Central and RPG Research. Many games are offers, including but not limited to:

  • Basic Fantasy RPG (BFRPG)

  • No Thank You Evil (NTYE) (ages 5+)

  • Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (D&D 5e)

  • Star Wars FFG

  • Adventures in Middle-earth (AiMe)

  • The One Ring RPG (TOR)

  • Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space (DWAITS)

  • Top Secret: New World Order (TS:NWO)

  • FATE & Fate Accelerated (Aetherea, Dresden Files, Venture City)

We provide all materials and highly trained game masters, Spark Central kindly provides the safe space, tables (up to 5 tables), and chairs, all ages are welcomed, though priority seating is given to younger and brand new players.

These programs are open to all, and especially to help the at-risk youth and young adults in the communities these community centers serve.

"Drop In and Play" other game, facilitated drum circles, and cooperative open music jam open sessions through RPG Research.

Our volunteers sometimes fall behind on updating our Events page, but that is the first place to check for any upcoming events to sign up for.

Also see our Broadcasts schedule for other sessions you can watch and/or join.