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RPG (Role-Playing Game) Research - Question: "All I've seen is Dimension 20 and Critical Role. What are "real" sessions like?"

We ran a 3 year actual play taletop series specifically to address this unintended "Mike Mercer effect" where people were expecting game masters to be performing in a similar fashion which was prevent

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In response to this thread:

You might want to check out we have the world's largest free and open knowledgebase on role-playing games from a research and evidence-in-practice perspective.

In fact we ran a 3 year actual play taletop series specifically to address this "Mike Mercer effect" where people were expecting game masters to be performing in a similar fashion which was preventing many from taking on the mantle of DM. We interviewed hundreds of people that had commented on this.

So while the show is very poor production quality due to limited non-profit budget (it gets better as the seasons progress), it was intentionally "people off the street" to provide an "Everyman" example closer to what actual tabletop role-playing game sessions are like, though it was done more as an edutainment rather than pure entertainment approach. And there was the audience interactive piece, and the real-time sketch artists.

It was called "Heroes of the Mist" and you can view the episodes on our Youtube channel.

Unfortunately they are not edited episodes, so you get to see and hear all the challenges.

We hope some day we'll have a volunteer with time to edit and clean up the episodes as best as possible.

If you can stand the technical production issues it does help provide a more "realistic" idea of tabletop RPG experience over a long (3 year) campaign. People we interviewed after found it helpful to reduce their anxiety about game mastering a group, so mission accomplished. :-)


Hawke Robinson

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