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Information about RPG Research's community programs.
Drop In and RPG Days & Locations
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Public "drop in" community programs available to most ages. This includes at Spark Central and other locations. This section provides program, location, and schedule information.

Online Community Discussion
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There are many options for connecting communities online, this section provides information to joining chatrooms, fora, mailing lists, and other online community options to help connect.

by Hawke Robinson — last modified Feb 17, 2019 11:25 PM

The web-based bulletin board online discussion forum for discussions on role-playing game research in general and RPG Research specifically.

Worlwide List of Providers
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This section contains a list of people and organizations around the world that use role-playing games to achieve educational and/or therapeutic goals.

Join the Community
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The RPG Research community is a vibrant international group of volunteers from a wide range of interests and professions, all working together to help grow the body of knowledge about collaborative music and games.

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Share your data, expertise, knowledge, opinion, resources, and experience.

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Live real-time Internet Relay Chatroom (IRC) for RPG Research community.

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