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Volunteer Dedication Colors

by RPG Research Admin published 2018/08/30 11:30:00 GMT-6, last modified 2018-09-06T23:56:03-06:00
As a fun representation of volunteer seniority, we have implemented something similar to the RPG game "Paranoia", using color codes to represent volunteer seniority by the number of hours (total cumulative) they have given to RPG Research, based on the ROY-G-BIV scale.



Sash, headband, bandanna, shirts, hat bands, and other accessories can represent their ranking color. Any earned training awards/diplomas will be shown on their badge or as buttons on their sash.

General color overview:

  • Level 0 = I = Infrared - everyone that is not an RPG Research official volunteer. If had to pick a color, black shirts, etc.
  • Level 1 = R = Red shirts (also a fun Star Trek reference) are the most junior volunteers. 1-99 cumulative hours dedicated to RPG Research. 
  • Level 2 = O = Orange = 100-249 hours dedicated to RPG Research. 
  • Level 3 = Y = Yellow = 250-499 hours dedicated to RPG Research. 
  • Level 4 = G = Green = 500 - 799 hours dedicated to RPG Research. 
  • Level 5 = B = Blue = 800 - 1,299 hours dedicated to RPG Research. 
  • Level 6 = I = Indigo = 1,300 - 1999 hours dedicated to RPG Research. 
  • Level 7 = V = Violet = The most senior volunteers with at least 2,000 hours dedicated to RPG Research. Currently John Welker.
  • Level 8 = U = Ultraviolet = Founder, Hawke Robinson. By far the most hours since putting RPG Research online in 2004 (and starting research in 1983), with more than 30,000 hours. If had to wear a color, white in a black light for the glow effect.



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