RPG Research considers that there are 4 different venues for applied role-playing games:

An rapidly growing body of research and professional reports indicates there are many potential benefits to using role-playing games to help achieve specific therapeutic goals for a wide range of populations ranging from 2 years old on up.

RPG Research attempts to aggregate, research, and publish the worlds largest most complete collection of research on the educational and therapeutic uses of role-playing games.

See our Research section for more details.

For those looking for actual therapeutic applied role-playing games, see our Worldwide List of Providers page.

Please understanding that listing providers is in now way endorsement, approval, or support of the provider, and all potential clients should do their due diligence to research carefully about the provider, especially since professional standards in the RPG Professional field are still newly developing. You may want to look into RPG Therapeutics LLC's RPG Professional standards and certification programs for more information. Full disclosure, the founder of RPG Research is also the founder of RPG Therapeutics LLC.