RPG Research's founder began researching the effects of role-playing games beginning in 1983.

RPG Research's research team now includes people from across 5 continents ranging from college students through PhD's and active professors from many different disciplines.

As of 2018 RPG Research had aggregated over 4,000 content items (and counting) related to the effects of participation in role-playing games and their potential applications to achieve a wide range of goals for a broad range of populations from ages 2 years old through senior adults.

In addition to our own original research, and aggregation of published content, we regularly receive research paper and content from many others that have not published in journals but did go through IRB oversight and other controls.

We openly share all research data that we are legally allowed, however much of the content is protected by copyright or privacy laws so we have to be careful about what is published publicly.

If you have a research topic that you don't find in a search of either our old or new archives, don't give up! We have access to much more content and can help point you in the right direction for primary sources.

We are currently moving between websites, so there are two sources to check first:

You can contact us through our long list of social media contacts at the bottom of this website, using our Contact Us page, or emailing info at rpgresearch dot com.