What RPG Research Needs

To continue to meet our goals, Vision, Mission, & grow our global Impact, this page is periodically updated with some of the greatest needs that we have as an organization to meet our current demands, and to help us grow.

A periodically updated list of our greatest needs.

In addition to our needing general volunteers to run programs, monthly donations to keep our existing programs going, and our Amazon wishlist, there are some key items we really need to go to the next level.

Facilities Needs

2,000+ sq ft. Office/Warehouse Facility

A minimum 2,000 square foot warehouse (preferably with some small office space), with a minimum 12' bay door.

Someone like the Kendle Yards property owners who provide facilities for free to the non-profit Spark Central, we need someone generous enough to donate to us outright.

Otherwise we need to raise enough in monthly funding to afford to move primary operations from our founders house in North Five Mile, Spokane Area, to a warehouse (minimum
2,000 square feet).

This space would be to move our studio, community activity kits, the wheelchair accessible RPG bus & 2 RPG Trailers, drums, and more.

Regular meetings & training sessions wold move there, as well as community programs we couldn't run at our founders home or offices safely, could start to happen many days per week.

This would exponentially expand our daily operational and impact capacity from a 3-10 sessions a week to 30+ sessions per week.

This would deescalate our founder's upset residential neighbors due to the bus/trailers in his driveway, and all the volunteer traffic.

And make it so his newly married spouse will finally feel more comfortable to move into his house. :-)

Volunteer Needs:

2x American Sign Language Game Masters

* Fluent in ASL
* Willing to train to become GMs
* Need before GenCon for community programs ASAP, then needed for GenCon
  (if it doesn't get canceled)
Job posting: ....

Administrative Assistant

  • Scheduling for senior staff & organization as a whole.

  • Email routing.

  • Phone / voicemail routing / response / scheduling.

  • 1-2 hours per day initially. Could be "load balanced" across multiple volunteers on different days.

Job posting: https://www.rpgresearch.com/jobs/detail/administrative-assistant-volunteer-for-charitable-non-profit-organization-61

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Recruitment of new volunteers

  • Onboarding of new volunteers

  • Status updates on existing volunteers

  • Maintaining volunteer HR database

  • Exiting of volunteers (rare but needed occasionally)

  • 1-2 hours per day initially. Could be "load balanced" across multiple volunteers on different days.

Job posting: https://www.rpgresearch.com/jobs/detail/director-of-development-community-outreach-volunteer-14

Community & Fundraising Development & Outreach

  • Cultivation of relationships with current and prospective donors, grant makers, volunteers, and the people and families we serve.

  • Event planning and management

  • Research and writing of grants

  • Maintenance of a donor database

Job posting: https://www.rpgresearch.com/jobs/detail/director-of-development-community-outreach-volunteer-14

Marketing, Media, & Social Media Director

details coming soon.

Job posting:  pending


Funding Needs:

Liability insurance

This is making us especially nervous. We generally have to piggy-back on others to run our programs because we can't yet afford our own liability coverage.

We're getting quotes anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000+ per year (depending on the coverage & the provider) just to cover our current programs liability, since we're all volunteers and we work with at-risk populations, youth, seniors, etc. this makes liability coverage very high).

Lawyer (pro bono would be great!)

We're muddling through the best we can, but we have never had the benefit of consulting a lawyer, or having one on retainer. Our founder has had to take this on the best he can, but it makes him nervous.

CPA (pro bono would be great!)

We're muddling through the best we can, but we have never had the benefit of consulting a CPA, or having one to manage our finances. Our founder, and some of our board members take this one as best we can, but it makes us nervous.

Pie in the Sky:

Our big dreams.

Community program side:

Multiple locations worldwide (RPG Trailers & warehouse community model), providing services to millions (billions?) of people in-person & online.

Multiple fleets of the accessible RPG Trailers with 2-week tour cycles covering regions providing programs to those in under-served and un-served areas by coming to them, providing services to thousands of people in-person.

Research Program Side:

Dedicated researchers & research facilities