Systems Administrator I [Volunteer]

Spokane, United States

RPG Research is in need of additional, unpaid, volunteers who would like to assist in the maintenance and implementation of mailing, web, and authentication services hosted by RPG Research. All levels of experience are welcome, and there are no hard requirements beyond a background check and reliable communication with stakeholders.

We expect at least 4 hours a week of volunteer time, and try to limit volunteers to 10 hours at maximum.

While remote work is possible, we ask that new volunteers be local and to be willing to spend some time on site for training. Schedules and the amount of time spent onsite is flexible, and may depend on experience.


Implement and maintain mailing, web, and authentication services. Occasionally handle desktops/laptops, printers, etc.

Offer technical support to volunteers with our various services. We handle the on-boarding of volunteers and manage accounts on our various services.

Install and maintain LAMP, email, and authentication services across OpenBSD and various distributions of Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian).

Must Have

A willingness to submit to a criminal background.

Reliability in notifying management of expected interruptions or changes availability in volunteer time.

Some prior knowledge with Linux/Unix or BSD's is very much preferred, but production/work experience is not expected. This is a place to learn and develop experience - We expect to do lots of training, so apply regardless of your skill level if you have the willingness and time to commit.

Preferred Qualifications

We expect that training will be required.

But we have multiple ongoing or incoming projects that could use lots of help from experienced individuals.

Committed, long term volunteers will work on all these technologies as well.

Knowledge of Backup and Recovery Systems: Real world knowledge of how to implement backup and recovery systems for live servers. Previous knowledge of open source solutions with an understanding of optimal hardware configuration is doubly preferred.

Experience Documenting Deployments and Processes: Whether testing an application or deploying into production, as much as possible should be committed to a written record for later use.

Experience with Scripting and Orchestration Tools: With a wide range of applications on many servers, it is often desirable to have repetitious tasks more than just documented, but also scripted and automated. Think Puppet Bolt, or similar.

Experience with LAMP, eMail, and/or Authentication Services: We are developing an integrated platform, all of these are helpful.

What will you gain?

  • Develop production experience in both Linux and OpenBSD based applications, networking, and virtualization
  • Learn best practices as an administrator and further your knowledge of popular Unix systems
  • Proof of your desire to both learn and apply your skills in the field, a desirable trait for employers
  • Have the opportunity to suggest changes to systems, and make your own projects
  • Mentorship from an IT and IT Security veteran:  Hawke Robinson
  • If you prove your commitment and reliability, you can receive a reference to back up your experience