RPG Research's Role-Playing Game Community Center Facilities, Program Activities, and Organizational Information for Insurance Providers


Applicant's Name: RPG Research

501(c)3 non-profit and charity

FEIN: 82-3521274


We are a 501(c)3 non-profit charity. Our founder and volunteers have been providing community tabletop role-playing games for teens and adults since 1977. We incorporated in 2017 formally as a non-profit. We have been running these tabletop social cooperative games (like Dungeons & Dragons) at community centers, schools, and elsewhere all these years without any incidents or claims.

We now have leased a property (3 year lease, perpetually renewable, option to buy) to open our own dedicated community center to provide these tabletop games.

We need insurance to cover the property (total valuation by the landlord if $285,000 for the whole lot).

We currently have far less than $10,000 in company property/assets (books, computers, chairs, etc.).

We need the typical general liability and related coverage for our non-profit volunteers, board of directors, operations, etc. in order to open this community center to the public for at least $1,000,000.

More details, including building photos, building details, floorplans, and details of the operations, our financials and more here: 



Location Address: 101 North Stone Street, Spokane, Washington 99202
Mailing Address (until move to 101 North Stone St. address):  1312 North Monroe Street Suite 114, Spokane, Washington 99201

Web address: https://www.rpgresearch.com

Year organization started: incorporated 2017, but operating informally as volunteer community projects using role-playing games since 1977 without ever any claim-related incidents.

No flood or earthquake coverage required.

Building B is the only building going to be used for the RPG Community Center tabletop role-playing game community programs, and for volunteer staff administrative meetings and training. Building A is not expected to be in use until next year.

Building A approximate square footage, single story: ~900 square feet.

Building older than 1978 (may be circa 1900), but wiring 100% upgraded to circuit breakers.

Metal sloped roof scheduled to replaced with 30+ year compound material scheduled replacement in June 2022.

Baseboard electric heat.

Electric water heater.

Pipes galvanized and copper.

New sewer lines (March 2022).

No fire suppression sprinkler system.

No fireplace or wood burning stoves, no grills, deep fat fryers, or woks.
There are multiple new functioning and available fire extinguishers.
No known fire damage.

SINGLE STORY (staff only, no public access authorized)

Building B

Approximate square footage, per story: ~1,000 square feet, two stories, for a total of 2,000 square feet.

Built around 1992.

Metal sloped roof replaced April 2022 with 30+ year compound material. Baseboard electric heat.

Copper pipes.

New sewer lines (March 2022).

No fire suppression sprinkler system.
No fireplace or wood burning stoves, no grills, deep fat fryers, or woks.
There are multiple new functioning and available fire extinguishers.
No known fire damage.

FIRST FLOOR (controlled public access area)

SECOND FLOOR (staff only)

Approximate total square footage of Buildings A and B occupied by organization: ~3,000 sq. ft.

Maximum participants in Building B 1st floor: 15 (with 5 staff)

Neither building has old aluminum or knob-and-tube wiring.

100% of the wiring in both buildings is on functioning and operational circuit breakers.

Both buildings have multiple smoke/heat detectors.

In addition to the two main buildings there are 5 storage sheds of various sizes on the lot.

There is a 6' tall chain link fence encircling a 50' x 50' west parking space, Building B and the back entrance to Building A.

There are 16 CCTV HD security cameras outside and inside Building B and the surrounding lot.

Estimated replacement value of entire lot property: $295,000.

While for security purposes we are controlling ingress (entrance) and egress (exit) through only the center south gate and Building B southern door, there are multiple entrances and exists for safety purposes.

Building A has an exit in the east and west.

Building B has exists in the east, south, and west.

Both buildings use electric baseboards for heat.

Neither building has air conditioning or central air.

We have security cameras in all public areas inside and outside the facilities. (not bathrooms).

We have security lighting inside and outside of facilities.

We have clearly marked and emergency lit EXIT signs for public areas.

Founder began involved with role-playing games in community settings in 1977.  RPG Research Project website established 2004. Formally incorporated as non-profit organization September 2017, IRS acceptance letter of 501(c)3 status January 2022 (retroactive to September 2017 incorporation.

At 1312 North Monroe St. address since 2014, planning to leave facility as soon as insurance in place at new 101 North Stone St.

Inspection contact name: William Hawkes-Robinson (CEO, Founder).

Inspection contact email address: hawke at rpgresearch dot com

Inspection contact phone: (509) 481-5437


We plan to use Building B as soon as possible. Building A is for staff access only, not for public access use and is not expected to be ready for us to use, mostly for storing our books and games, until the end of this year, or perhaps next year.

Once insurance in place, we intend to move our regular internal operations to Building B 2nd floor. Only staff are allowed upstairs. Access is controlled by multiple doors and security codes.

Once insurance in place, and we're ready, we plan to open Building B 1st floor for the public community center access. Access is controlled by outdoor security gate, outer door (southern entrance), inner security gate (controlled by receptionist).


Applicable non-profit programs:

* Tabletop games community programs for adults

* Tabletop games community programs for teenagers (13-17 years old)

Description of activities, programs, or services provided:

* Front lobby staffed by 1-2 volunteers (reception) during public access hours.

* Public hours typically 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm on weeknights and/or 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm Weekends.

* Initially open to public for 2 weeknights and 1 weekend per week.

* Participants comes to facility during public access hours to participate in tabletop role-playing game session run by our trained volunteer facilitators known as Game Masters (GM).

* Participants must fill out (free) membership form with their name, contact information, emergency contact information, etc. Adults must provide valid ID verification. Teenagers must get signature of at least one legal guardian/parent and provide valid ID and/or their guardian/parent provide ID.

* Participants receive a handout, player code of conduct (one copy per participant), they must read this while in the reception area (or take it home to look over later), and they must initial and sign this document as part of their membership, before they are allowed to enter the gaming area. All RPG Research volunteer staff are trained on this code of conduct as part of their regular training.

* Participants access to public gaming area restricted by reception gate. Participants may not pass through gate until they have signed in and the receptionist allows them to pass. They will then be guided to their assigned table.

* Participants sit at table during game session. They play the game by taking turns talking, managed by the Game Master. When the  session is finished, they will complete the feedback form, and drop it off in the feedback forms box as they leave. They can leave form anonymously in the box, or provide contact information if they wish for a followup.

* They will complete the check-out process (returning all dice, paper, pencils, etc.), and sign out of the attendance form, and then the receptionist will allow them to leave through the security gate.

Participants enter waiting area and fill out attendance.

* 1 to 4 hour sessions at sit-down tabletop role-playing games (TRPG), like Dungeons & Dragons.

* 1 trained volunteer facilitator (Game Master) per TRPG table.

* Maximum 5 community members per table.

* Maximum 3 concurrent tables.

* Maximum 15 community members in gaming area (with 5 volunteers supervising).

Equipment includes:

* Table

* Chair

* Paper (for each participant)

* Pencil (for each participant)

* Polyhedral dice (one set of dice typically for each participant, though they can be shared)

* TRPG Rulebook (typically 1 to 3 copies of the rulebook(s) per table)

* End of session checklist and feedback form (one for each participant)


* Maps (one set per table, provided by GM)

* Miniatures (one set per table, provided by GM)


Incorporated in September 2017 and received IRS confirmation of 501(c)3 status January 2018.

Primary Contact Name: William Hawkes-Robinson, Founder & CEO. (509) 481-5437 hawke at rpgresearch dot com.

Nonprofit IRS Classification: 501(c)3   form 990/990-EZ/990-N required. Effective date of exemption: September 26, 2017.

Public Charity Status: 170 (b) (1) (A) (vi)

Fundraising sources: individual small donors.

No losses, claims, or known circumstances that could result in a claim in the past 5 years.

There are no known past, present, pending, or planned foreclosures and/or bankruptcies or judgments for unpaid taxes against the named insured or any officer or owner in the past 5 years.

There has not been any cancellation or non-renewed insurance coverage in the past three years.

The organization does not organize or oversee any international travel/activities.

There are at least two means of egress/ingress for every floor with public access.

There have never been any actual or alleged molestation or abuse incidents or currently under investigation.

We do not accept staff that have been convicted of abuse or molestation.

All staff undergo initial and regular annual background checks.

Organization does not sell or distribute food or other items.

There are no products sold under the organization's name or label.

Organization does not sell items.

There are no junk yard or recycling center operations.

No volunteers drive for the organization.

The organization does not own or use any vehicles.

The organization does not transport clients.

No product research, development, or testing (except trying out new board games for consideration do use in community center).

No involvement in certification, accreditation, or standard-setting.

No involvement in disciplinary actions as a result of peer review activities.

No involvement with labor/union negotiations or collective bargaining.

No involvement with administration or sponsorship of any insurance programs.

Organization does not have any chapters or subsidiaries requiring coverage.

No involvement in any civil, criminal, regulatory, legislative, or administrative proceedings.

In the past five years, no known inquiry, complaint, notice of hearing, claim, or suit has been made against the organization or staff.

The organization has no involvement with pension plans.

We do not have any of the following accreditation: JCAHO, CARF, COA.

No professional organization memberships or affiliations.

We have current business licenses for Washington State, Spokane City, and Spokane Valley. No licenses have been revoked.

We do not lease, sub-lease, or rent to others.


Annual gross income by year (USD):

2017: $658.04 (NET: $658.04)

2018: $2,760.68  (NET: $1,638.03)

2019: $4,461.26 (NET: -$3.60)

2020: $18,827.66 (NET: $7,880.26)

2021: $4,681.34 (NET: -$854.99)

2022 (Donations as of May 2022): ~$10,000+

2022 (projected year-end 2022): ~$45,000+


* Rent: $1,500/month

* Utilities: ~$500/month

* Insurance: pending

* Supplies (paper, pencils, etc.): ~$100/month)

* Background checks ($25 to 50/person through Sterling Volunteers)


All staff at RPG Research are unpaid volunteer staff, including board members, executive staff, and community center volunteer facilitators.

All volunteer staff undergo full application and interview process. 

All volunteer staff undergo full advanced background check through SterlingVolunteers.com, and automatically re-checked annually. 

Total Staff / Board / Employee / Volunteer Count: 14 (all unpaid volunteers)

All part-time volunteers.

Spokane-local volunteer active staff as of April 2022: 

1. Amber DeWitt. Washington.

2. Brian Huseland. Washington.

3. Daniel Ivey. Washington.

4. David Griffith. Washington.

5. Katy Koenen, M.A.. Washington.

6. Syrus DeWitt. Washington

7. Terrance MacMullan, PhD. Washington.

Volunteer Board members, location, position, and credentials (if notable):

8. Brooke Lively (Vice Chair). Washington.

9. Emily Messina (Voting Board Member), PHD, CTRS. Florida.

10. Danielle Whitworth (Board Secretary and Co-Founder), TRS/R. Washington.

11. Niklas Anderson (Voting Board Member and IT Director). Washington.

Volunteer Executive Staff:

12. Hawke Robinson (Founder and CEO), TRS/R. Washington.

13. John Welker (Vice President and Co-Founder), TRS/R. Washington.

14. Kate Hyatt (Board Treasurer and CFO). Washington.


We have a safety training and practice program in place, with regular training of all active volunteer staff.

All staff are required to read and comply with safety operating procedures.

All of our regular training programs included access to the digital training workbook that all staff must complete as part of their training process.

Training includes our Code of Conduct, which includes our anti-harassment policy.

We do not provide adoption services.

We do not have outside counsel.

We do not have an outside CPA.

We have not had an outside audit by CPA, Public Accountant. All audits to date have been performed by staff.

Internal audits vary between annual to quarterly.

Audits include inventory.

Audit report is rendered to management and board of directors.

Any purchases above $100 must be approved by one or more other management staff.

Any large purchases (typically $1,000+) must be approved by the management staff and the board of directors.

All staff, clientele, volunteers, and visitors, must sign in/out.

All staff must complete a written (electronic) employment application.

Our employment application process includes questions about whether the individual has been convicted of any crime, including sex related or child abuse related crimes.

We do enforce a written procedure for obtaining and maintaining background checks on staff.

We do ask applicants for employment and volunteers where they resided for the previous 5 years.

We perform state and federal background checks on all applicants covering all states. We also have option to perform international checks if necessary.

We do have sexual abuse prevention programs in place.

We do not allow volunteer staff to have unsupervised contact with clients.

We have policies and procedures prohibiting closed door, one-on-one meetings between volunteers and participants.

We do not allow participants into our facilities without a minimum of 2 staff members in attendance.

We verify references.

We conduct personal interviews for each prospective volunteer staff member.

We verify licenses and other professional credentials as needed.

We do not require drug tests.

We have never had to terminate any volunteer staff or stopped using any volunteer for cause related to sexual abuse.

We offer anonymous reporting tools.

Criminal background checks are performed for all staff that have any access to any sensitive information or our program participants.

The RPG Research organization does not operate any for-profit organizations.

We have written and enforced "No Smoking" policies and signs.

Our files are maintained to protect participants confidentiality.

Our programs do not include any involuntary treatment.

We do not dispense medications.

We do not prescribe medications.

We do not provide housing/shelter.

We do not provide manugacturing.

We do not provide labor workshops.

Ratio of volunteer staff to participants does not exceed 5 to 1.

We do not provide in-home support services.

We do not provide outreach services.

We do not provide therapy services.

We do not provide clinic services.

We do not provide crisis services or hotlines.

We do not provide childcare services.

We do not provide substance abuse programs.

We do not provide behavioral health programs.

We do not provide fertility or pregnancy services.

We do not provide playgrounds.

We do not provide adult day care.

We do not provide camps.

We do not provide swimming pools or related services.

We do not have any lakes, ponds, pools, or swimming areas.

We do not provide equestrian or any other animal services.


Do you have a written crisis plan for dealing with employees, victims, parents, authorities, and the media if you have an incident of abuse? (partially in place)

Are there written complaint procedures and are they posted? (partially in place)

Have written procedures, including rules, code of conduct, and disciplinary measures been established and provided to all staff and volunteers? (partially in place)

Do written procedures clearly define the policy and consequences of non-adherence? (partial)

Has a written policy been established clearly expressing management’s commitment to sexual abuse prevention?

Are records maintained documenting adherence to all applicable policies and procedures, e.g., hiring and screening, code of conduct, training, and follow-up procedures? (partial)

Are volunteers trained in policies and procedures relating to the sexual abuse prevention program? (partial)

Is formal training on sexual abuse, including how to recognize the signs, provided to employees and volunteers? (partial)

Do you follow all applicable state laws for sexual abuse requirements and reporting? (need to verify latest changes)

Is there a Sexual Abuse Coordinator that reports to a member of management? Not at this stage (we are too small an organization currently for such staffing).

Do you have a committee in place that reviews all incident reports to determine whether any corrective action should be taken? This can be senior staff and/or Board of Directors as needed.

Do you have an enterprise-wide media plan in place for emergencies? No

Do you have a plan for medical emergencies? (partial)

Is there always someone on the premises trained in CPR and first aid? No.

What type of method do you use for participant de-escalation? (partial) Any certified de-escalation staff? How often recertified?

Do you use a restraint method in your operations? No.

Do your written policies and procedures include all 8 of these components:

  1. Screening - potential volunteers before allowed to work

  2. Training

  3. Prevention

  4. Identification

  5. Reporting

  6. Investigation

  7. Protection

  8. Response

Picture ID required for all volunteer applicants and adult participants.

We do not fingerprint check.

We are not a food bank.

We are not a thrift store.

There are no forklifts in operation.

Walkways/aisles are kept clear and unobstructed.

We do not provide any warranties expressed or implied.

We do not provide pick up services.

We do not provide any drop off services.

We do not have a loading dock.

We document all goods through our centralized internal Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

Parking lots, walkways, and public areas are well lit and well-maintained.

We do not provide food preparation or handling.


Note that specific details are not included public for obvious reasons.

This section only provides high level information relevant to typical insurance provider inquiries.

We do provide multifactor authentication (MFA) for access to our electronic system.

We have a cyber incidence response plan in place.

We have a business continuity / disaster recovery plan.

We have a documented plan to respond to ransomware attacks.

We have a security and privacy policy in place.

Critical patches are typically implemented within 30 days.

Backups are stored at multiple networked locations automatically, and secure offline storage is stored off site.

We have data retention awareness procedures in place.

We do provide cyber security awareness training as part of our core regular training for all system users regularly.

We do provide phishing and social engineering awareness training, as part of our core regular training to all system users regularly.

We do provide additional security training to all people who have access to Personally Identifying Information (PII), as well as mandatory regular background checks.

We have not had a cyber incident resulting in a claim in the past 12 months (or ever).

Organization does not own or operate any drones or unmanned craft.