Stargate RPG: Off-world Encounters Through the Gate

Stargate SG-1 RPG

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The Tau'ri need your help in the fight against the Goa'uld. Stationed on an undisclosed location under the control of Stargate Command, you will start your training as a new recruit into the Stargate program.

The Stargate Roleplaying Game is a sci-fi tabletop game where you assume the role of a member of Stargate Command on a Stargate Team. As an SG team member you and your teammates will go on Stargate Missions guided by a Missions Commander in the fight against the Goa'uld.
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Date & Time

April 9, 2020

10:00 AM 1:00 PM US/Pacific

Hawke Robinson

(833) RPG-INFO x710
(509) 481-5437

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