Beginning Evaluation of New Twilight 2000 (Alpha) RPG

Also further evaluation of The Expanse RPG

Beginning January 3rd, 2021, we will be spending a few sessions on Sunday nights from 6:00 pm to 9:00+ pm PST8PDT evaluating the new alpha rough version of the Kickstarter reboot of a new version of the Twilight 2000 (TW2k) role-playing game. Our founder supported the Kickstarter with his own funds, and we will be trying it out over time, keeping in mind it is only an alpha draft.  If you want a sneak peak at this upcoming game, these are great chance to get a really raw evaluation. Not really much in the way of advanced preparation work, we'll be sharing heavily with you our discovery process of the new game as we go.

Also, we have dabbled previously with The Expanse RPG (our founder supported it via Kickstarter as well), for consideration to use more frequently in upcoming 2021 programs for RPG Research.

We will be trying to split our time about 50/50 between TW2k and The Expanse. We also plan to add additional games to evaluate on Sundays in coming months.

Watch us live via

If you miss the live broadcast, RPG Research Patreon supporters at the $10+ level get immediate access to the recorded videos. Everyone else gets access a month or more later.

Happy gaming!