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RPG (Role-Playing Game) Research - RPG Research 2021 Q4 Board Meeting Minutes

RPG Research 2021 Q4 Board Meeting Minutes - December 30th, 2021

 · 3 min read

Meeting Notes taken by Daniel Ivey as Secretary Pro Tem during Danielle Whitworth's illness.

Video of meeting here:


6:09 PM PST

6:09 PM PST Start Time of Board Meeting for Q4


William Hawkes Robinson from Spokane

John Erick Welker from Spokane

Brooke Lively from Spokane

Niklas Anderson from Spokane

Emily Messina from Miami

Grant from Garden Grove

Dawit Silver from Spring Maryland

Daniel Ivey (acting Secretary) from Spokane

Syrus from Spokane Valley

John D from Smith River California

Max from New York

David from Spokane

6:19 PM PST Agenda Shared

6:20 PM PST Meeting Called to order by Daniel Ivey

Seconded by Hawke Robinson

John Welker Board member changes: none

Niklas: Nothing to vote on

Daniel Ivey: Nothing to vote on

Brooke: Nothing to vote on, Another check coming from verrant

Emily: Nothing to vote on

JD: Nothing to vote on

David: Nothing to vote on

Max: Nothing to vote on

Syrus: Nothing to vote on

Technology Report: Niklas

No major outages

4 to 5 active volunteers in his dept

Going to be migrating Odoo

His schedule will be changing, will be unavailable on weekends but  

will be available earlier

Staff: Dawit, Anthony, Patrick, Trevor, Erick

No security breaches as far as we know

No ransom ware attacks

Going to be changing default passwords

BCI Update

Starting to write code

Using GoDot as platform

Going to be text based for now

Should have warehouse Feb - March

6:42 PM PST Brook left at

Studio updated

Newer Camera in studio

6 VR headsets

Dedicated Minecraft Servers

6:46 PM PST

Staffing Report: John Welker

Onboarded several new GM’s

Had someone volunteer to help with online social media (Rin They/them)

A little shy of 200 volunteers

183 volunteers, give or take

Had 2 GM’s go through Baseline this quarter

Stuck at final paperwork, will need from Danielle

6:53 PM PST

Finance Update: Hawke Robinson

2020 raised nearly $20,000 USD.

Totals raised in 2021 pending report from Kate (absent)

Up to date on all licenses

Currently have Donation Account: $1699.42

Primary Checking: $468.06

Savings Account $100.25

Save future Account: $7050.00 (warehouse/museum)

6:55 PM PST JD left

As planned, 2021 we Intentionally slowed down so we could shore up internal infrastructure, training, etc.

On track

On budget

We have enough in account to get through year 2022 at status quo

All server upgrades came out of Hawkes account, did not use donor funds from account

7:00 PM PST Events and opp report: John Welker

Paranoia game,

Drop in Spark Central


Will no longer taking holidays off

Tolkien Moot

Celebrated 5 years at Spark Central (with them 4 years)

Spocon postponed

Cthulhu game canceled

Tomorrow Paranoia game expected

Spark Central averaging 1 online game and 2 tables

Danielle had child and took leave of absence

No legal or internal events

David question: Does not have anyone to cover on Saturday.

Dawit question: Is interested in participating more in events.

Learning Mate has been consuming a lot of time for Hawke. Hawke will  

be time boxed soon. Has had a huge effect on all groups.

7:12 PM PST Open Floor

John Welker: No topics

Niklas: No topics

David: No topics

Daniel: No topics

Emily: No topics

7:14 PM PST Emily Left

Syrus: No topics

Max: Will be more open for Grant Work. Soft no in grant writing is  

good for rapport building

Dedicated facility was required for grant work

Anyone else: No topics

7:18 PM PST End of Board Meeting for Q4

******** General Notes *********

The Future

2022 number 1 priority. Establish Dedicated Community Center

Resume Online Prescence

Regular Blog and Social Media Posts

Raise funds to cover new expenses

We have a safety net of up to $1800 per month

Need to expand to Idaho Office

Need to register in Idaho as a nonprofit

Resume online streaming

Need to get media attention for warehouse

RPG journal

RPG annual conference

Need to change holiday weeks (people want to volunteer and play during  

their break)

Key staffing:

Director of fundraising and community outreach (who wants to be board member)

Grant writer

On site Game masters to run community programs minimum (12 by march or April)

Studio Broadcast staff (2 to 3)

Need to get Diplomas completed

Collaboration with people in justice cycle potential.

Make sure Community outreach and training is reliable and stable.

Only Conventions planned for 2022

TolkienMoot XVIII (18) 2022

RPG Research Conference 2022

SpoCon (Maybe last one) 2022

End of Meeting

Hawke Robinson

A Washington State Department of Health Registered Recreational Therapist with a background in Therapeutic Recreation, computer science, neuroscience, cognitive neuropsychology, research psychology, nursing, play therapy, education, and role-playing gaming.
Hawke Robinson has been involved with role-playing games in community settings since 1977. Studying methods for optimizing the experience of role-playing games since 1979. A paid professional game master since 1982. Studying the effects of role-playing games upon participants since 1983. Providing role-playing games in educational settings and for educational goals since 1985. Working with incarcerated populations since 1989. Researching and using role-playing games to achieve therapeutic goals for a wide range of populations from 2 years old through senior adults since 2004.
Founder and CEO of the non-profit 501(c)3 charitable research and human services organization, RPG Research.
Founder and President of the for-profit <">RPG Therapeutics LLC and RPG.LLC.
Author of the RPG Professional Workbook available on Amazon.
Creator of the wheelchair accessible RPG Mobile fleet.
Founder of the RPG Museum.

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