Brain-Computer Interface Controlled Role-Playing Games

RPG Research is a huge advocate for accessibility and inclusiveness in gaming. Not only through all of our training, advocacy, and accessible mobile facilities, but through our active projects to make gaming accessible to all.

The ultimate in accessibility potential is through the Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) technologies based on Electroencephalogram (EEG) technologies, literally allowing a person to interface with computer system purely with the thoughts of their brain.

Also, when linked with haptics, robotics, AR, VR, and other technologies it is the potential in ultimate immersive experiences.

We have been hard at work experimenting with EEG and BCI equipment with music and RPGs since 2004.

Since 2019 our research and development team have been working on Project Ilmatar - - an opensource, online, multiplayer, turn-based, cooperative-play, electronic, role-playing game designed from the ground up for maximal accessibility including BCI control support.

While the software is free, the hardware we have to purchase to realize this technology fully is expensive. We are currently utilizing OpenBCI which still costs from hundreds to even thousands of dollars per headset.

We stream the development meetings live each week on Saturdays from 10 am to Noon PST8PDT: 

If you miss the live stream, Patreon supporters get access to the recorded videos at least a month before the general public as a thank you for their donation support.

Your donations mean that more people can have access to our free programs.

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Godot GD Script, C/C++

Pixi Javascript

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