RPG Optimization

Research information and recommendations for optimizing the role-playing game experience for all 4 RPG formats: tabletop (TRPG), live-action (LARP), computer-based (CRPG), and solo adventure books/modules (SABM).
Optimizing the RPG Experience Overview

RPG Research is also aggregating documentation on considerations for optimizing the RPG experience, whether you are a researcher, professional, or layperson just wishing to have the best gaming experience possible.

RPG Optimization Research Disclaimers

Of course there are so many other variables, not the least of which includes the person that is the Game Master and the personalities of the players, which are just a few of the many confounds in trying to systematically narrow down correlative and causal effects from changing a key variable to try to maximize the results in the enjoyment reports/observations from/of the participants.

Interaction Patterns

Important to take into account the interaction patterns of different activities.

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