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Information for those looking for research information about the effects of all role-playing game (RPG) formats, and their potential uses to achieve various goals for a wide range of populations. The language and content in this section is focused on providing information to students, professionals, and academics wishing to perform deep technical dives into research content.
Information For Researchers
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Information for those wanting to know more about our research programs, or wanting to access our publicly shared repository of research information.

Old Repository
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This is our older research repository with over 3,000 different content items (1 multi-page essay equals 1 content item). We are still moving content from the old repository website to our new website. We will remove this link when our volunteers have finished moving all the content (which takes months to complete).

Add Your Research
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Have research you would like included in the RPG Research Respository so others can benefit and share with you? Here is where you can submit your research information.

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Information about how music and role-playing games may be useful for individuals and groups from various populations.

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